Earning your trust

Our relationship with our clients begins with trust. We understand the gravity of being the ones to whom you turn for investment guidance, and we are committed to demonstrating, through our actions, that we are worthy of that trust.

Before we speak, we listen

It all starts with a first meeting. Our strategy is to listen intently to your concerns in order to fully understand what you wish to achieve financially. We want to know your timeline for reaching your investment objectives and what markets or types of investments you favor or prefer to avoid.

Perhaps most importantly, we ask probing questions to determine your level of tolerance to the risk of loss. We need to know what you personally consider a “risky” investment and where you draw the line.

Going through the finer details with our client

A clear picture

Once we have a clear picture of your “investment personality,” we can begin discussing specific investments that we believe will help ensure a bright financial future for you. We’ll help you understand that, while it’s certainly possible to profit handsomely as an investor, there’s no avoiding some level of investment risk. We don’t offer any schemes that promise you’ll get rich quickly with no risk because they simply don’t exist.